No Monkeys

No Snakes

No Flies


Why Choose Us

Reduce Aircon usage

Reduce Pesticide usage

Glass fibre mesh with a UPVC coating

Strong Aluminium frames for reduced corrosion

Manufactured locally

Easy to clean and maintain

Customised to fit windows and doors

Available in all colours to suit all windows and doors

Who Are We

Are unwanted pest ruining your love of air flowing through your home or place of work, FLYSCREEN SOLUTIONS has the perfect solution for you. After 2 years of investigations, developments & negotiations with the top suppliers, we believe we have found the perfect solution for you which is conducive to the varying South African climate as well as complementing the interior or exterior of your home or building. Keep unwanted pests out with:

  • Glass fibre mesh
  • Improve ventilation & natural airflow
  • Aluminium frames for reduced corrosion
  • Customised to fit windows & doors (all colours)
  • Easy to clean & maintain *Essential for food prep areas.