This is why fly screens are a great investment for your home!

With summer already upon us, we can expect an influx of insects and critters that we would prefer stay out of the home. Summers are notoriously hot in South Africa and we spend most of our days trying to cool down. One such way and very popular among people, is of course keeping doors and windows open until late into the evening. Although an excellent way of cooling down the home and allowing fresh air in, it is also an open invitation for those tiny unwanted guests. Insects are a great nuisance especially in irritable weather conditions, however their presence in your home should not be ignored or taken lightly. Insects are the main carrier of vector borne diseases around the world. In such an instance, the insect would act as the ‘vector’ as it has the ability to transfer a disease from an animal host to a human one. Mosquitos and ticks are insects which are commonly found in our homes and yards. These two insects are responsible for diseases such as Malaria and Lyme disease respectively. Fortunately there is a simple and cost effective solution to avoid putting you and your family at risk.

Fly screens are an affordable way to ensure the pesky critters stay out. Fly screen Solutions offer the best screen solutions for your home that are perfectly suited for our African climate. After conducting years of research and development, we now have the perfect product for you. With six types of screens available, you will be able to select the best options for your home or secure your entire home ranging from fly screen windows, doors and patio areas. Screens can be either fixed or retractable depending on the style you require. The modest fly screen has long being a staple in many European homes, but now it is gaining momentum and popularity in South Africa as it is proving to be a necessity. If you are uncertain as to whether this is the pest solution for you, perhaps the benefits listed below will help you make a decision.

1. Keeping out insects and animals: Aside from insects such as flies, mosquitos, ticks and fleas, fly screens also prevent larger creatures from entering and taking refuge in your home. Monkeys, snakes and frogs often gain entrance via open doors and windows. These creatures also carry a host of diseases and a single bite from either can cause serious illness or potentially be fatal. During the summer months, South Africans can expect an influx of snakes and rodents. It is best to be prepared rather than faced with an unwanted situation.
2. An additional layer of security: Fly screens provide an extra security layer for your home. Some screens are also available in a more security directed variation of the basic insect screen. The net structure and frame will make it difficult for intruders to tamper with and for them to gain quick access to other entry points.
3. Letting in fresh air and natural light: Fly screens increase the ventilation in your homes, allowing pollutants and toxins to escape through an open path due to the perforated nature of mesh. The constant airflow creates a much more pleasant living experience especially during the warmer months without you having to worry about insects finding their way in. Having minimal to no airflow, keeps stale and stagnant air in the living space. This can be dangerous as such conditions support the growth and breeding of bacteria, increasing the presence of contaminants and having a negative effect of your health. Poorly ventilated and high moisture areas are optimal conditions for mould to thrive which can result in respiratory conditions. These screens also allow much more natural light to into your house or a particular room. In comparison to your traditional windows and doors, screens allow more light to penetrate due to its mesh like and transparent structure. Having natural light shine in gives the illusion or a much bigger living space and will also reduce energy usage as switching on your lights wouldn’t be required throughout the day.
4. Cost effective living: We all know that having air conditioning can really run up your electricity bill during the blistering African summer. Fly screens are the perfect solution to regulate the temperature within your house as it provides natural ventilation and fresh air. South Africans are also at the mercy of unpredictable load shedding schedules and you don’t want to be caught off guard at the hottest hour. Having the screens means that you can keep cool even when the electricity is down.
5. Stylish living: Fly screens provide an element of style to your home. The mesh screen maintains the view compared to having windows with burglar bars that would normally block the view.

Fly screens are advantageous to every home and would be a great investment. Contact us today and speak to one of experienced consultants!

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