Enjoy the outside air without the nuisance of pests and bugs. Flyscreen Solutions near Umhlanga has carefully found the perfect solution that makes this possible. For two years we researched, investigated, developed and negotiated with our suppliers and manufacturers to create the ideal insect screen for your home or business. Now you can benefit from our careful research and investigation with a flyscreen perfect for the South African climate.

Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Distractions

South Africa has a beautiful climate and ecosystem that are worthy of your admiration and consideration. However, our country comes with pests such as monkeys, snakes, flies and mosquitos which can make enjoying the outdoors to the fullest difficult. Lucky, Flyscreen Solutions has thought of everything when it comes to solving this problem.

Our high-quality and durable flyscreens are carefully manufactured out of a glass fibre mesh that will prevent unwanted pest intruders and provide durability and longevity. We have also incorporated aluminium frames into our insect screens to reduce corrosion. These screens are simple to maintain and easy to clean and can greatly improve the natural airflow in your residence.

And, if you’re worried about finding the flyscreen that is right for your home — you needn’t be. Each insect and fly screen we manufacture can be customised to fit your home’s windows and doors, both in measurements and colour.

Protect yourself and your home with an invaluable insect screen from Flyscreen Solutions. We’ll fit your window or door with the perfect screen so you can enjoy the breeze and view of the outdoors without the constant annoyance of mosquitos and flies.

If you live near Umhlanga and would like to order your insect screen from Flyscreen Solutions, then be sure to contact us and request your quote to get started. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.