The Screen Door is guaranteed to keep all unwanted guests on the outside looking in. The unique design ensures that no insects can enter through gaps between the frames and the door.


  • Fits on all aluminium and wood sliding doors. Single or Double sliding doors.
  • Easy to install and can be customised to fit any size sliding door.
  • The patio screen door comes complete with a mid rail making it extremely rigid, although the mid rail is not a necessity.
  • The outer frame is secured against the patio door frame ensuring stability.
  • Available in the full range of powder coated colours.
  • The mesh used on the doors is one which we call “pet resistant mesh”. It is specifically designed to withstand dogs, monkeys, cats, etc scratching against the door.
  • The mesh is designed to withstand high temperatures and is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • The mesh can also be replaced at any time without compromising the product.
  • This has proven to be an extremely popular product.